In CHRIST we live,
and move and breathe
and have our being here~
Just why He's made us... as we are
He hasn't made too clear~
But we've been told
we must grow old
until The Lord returns~
And then we'll get NEW bodies...
That's a day for which we yearn!~
When Jesus came to earth below
He walked and talked as us to show~
 He truly understood mankind,~
 so we would trust... as He designed.~
We'll see he was willing.... to sacrifice
His Holy, Blameless, Righteous life~
and give us wisdom God supplies~
Our precious Savior, Jesus Christ~
who is the Life, the Truth, the Light~
and the Way to be set free from sins~
Is calling all below... to begin~
a future that is truly Best~
If we'll accept Him
the way He requests~
and truly repent of our sins
of the past....~
 we'll be BORN AGAIN
and have true JOY that lasts!
We are our Lord's creation
and the offspring of the Father~
If we'll just trust and follow Christ
we'll find out we go farther~
than anyone who tries to make it
here in life alone~
Because someday we'll stand with Christ
before our FATHER'S THRONE~
announced by our Lord Jesus
as those He's proud are His own!~
Acts 17:28 `For in him we live and move and have our being.'
As some of your own poets have said, `We are his offspring.'