We may look at possessions
      or positions folks hold
(there's no harm
       in pursuing God's best)
but, we MUST stay on fire
so our hearts won't grow cold
causing us to give up peace and rest!
for when Jesus returns
as we're all yearning to
see Him do (very soon) here below
we should have our lamps LIT
shining out BRIGHT and TRUE
pointing others to Him (with our glow)
Then we'll hear "COME UP HERE"
and join saints in the sky
as we rise up with them in the air
We'll become Jesus' BRIDE
free of sin...we shall fly
to the MANSIONS He's gone to prepare!

Here below fancy houses
still get stopped up drains
toilets get plugged and sinks overflow!
The richest of people
get hurt and complain
about how life's unfair (here below)
Celebrities gripe
(there's no privacy there)
in their world of excitement and fun!
Politicians meet pressures
they are pushed to achieve
goals and promises made as they've run!

Only ONE CLASS of people
pursue God's great plans
They can make it through ANYTHING
passing each test...reassured
they are SAFE in HIS Hands!
Look ABOVE for you'll love
all that He has in store
in our heavenly HOME in the sky
where sorrow's flee and we'll see
Our Redeemer adored
who'll live with us for all eternity!

written  6/27/02
by joybellbarber@hotmail.com