Three people kneeling at an altar
    Praying long & much ~
CHRIST passed the first �
With a tender smile
To the second
        He gave a light touch�~
He stopped & hugged The third one
      As He listened to them pray---
I pondered over actions
That My Savior had that day~
      so..... I asked HIM�
  "WHY did YOU respond
  TO EACH ONE IN that way??~
By only smiling at the first &
The second one you touched~
Yet only one soul got a HUG�?"
    His soft reply was such~
            An awesome revelation
"Child, I KNOW what they ALL need~
I met THEIR expectations
    As I came to intercede~
  The first is STRONG!
      FAITH pleased me so�
   I simply had to grin~
The next one needs Encouragement
  So I reached out to him~
The third was truly hoping
They would feel my Strong support.~
So I reached down & Gave a HUG
  to help them and exhort!~
If you had seen inside their hearts
    you Wouldn't have to ask~
    You need not fret..
          Don't EVER forget
I'll handle EVERY task~
    The way that's BEST
  Just trust & rest assured
  I understand~
Each need & I will intercede
For each.... as GOD has PLANNED!!~~