Searching for
    life's simple treasures
helps you find...long-lasting kinds.
As you're watching
      for God's blessings
You'll try hard to keep aligned
with HIS WILL... fulfilling duties,
    with a humble, holy mind.
Knowing God
     is always watching
you'll keep motives pure and true
so you're able to be stable,
in the Faith He's given you!
As you're looking
       for examples of
      creation's wondrous tools,
you will find that
     you're reminded WHY
             all athiests are fools!
When you're seeking
         for small miracles
      your insights show it's wise
to incorporate discernment...
and the Wisdom God supplies!
Yes, when seeking simple treasures
  you will measure life's true worth
and remember God has had a plan
     for you....BEFORE your birth!