As Summer comes, we love to go
out in the sunshine that's aglow
to warm our body, mind and soul
reminding us Christ came below
to melt cold hearts and clearly show
the way to heaven....so we could go!
The fall, brings change, as autumn leaves
of beauty rustle in the breeze
As seasons change...it seems so odd
that we neglect our praise for GOD
He is the author of life's change
and yet He's said...He's just the same
as in the beginning...and He'll arrange
what's best for us....That isn't strange
because He loves His creation so
He sent the solution
      to cleanse sins below!
Our Lord came from heaven.....
         so we too may go!!!
As Winter winds begin to blow
we snuggle close to God and know
that His secure and loving arms
will shelter us...and keep us warm
as we draw near...
we hear Him say...
Please listen closely and obey
so you won't fall, or stray away
from my  best...
 Straight, and narrow way!
As springtime nears,
we wear a grin
reminded... when the winter ends
we'll see the buds sprout out again
as we romp and play...
 with our BEST FRIEND
(the LORD, who's cleansed us
 from our sins!)
Abundant Life will surely begin
when we repent & are Born Again!
He's the Lord of all seasons,
and that is the reason
we praise Him and sing
grateful thanks to our KING
JESUS CHRIST... for everything!
Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring!